What can I expect?

At least 45 days prior to a lead service replacement, the Village will send you a notification, providing details on the work being performed in your neighborhood.

Water service line replacement will be completed by a Village-hired contractor. Landscape restoration is the responsibility of the property owner. A trenchless replacement process will be used to minimize yard disruption. You will receive instructions with any information you may need, and we will keep you updated during this process.

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1. What is lead?
2. Why are some Water Service Lines made from lead?
3. How can I be exposed to lead?
4. Does La Grange water have lead in it?
5. When will my service line be replaced?
6. What will the Village's Lead Service Replacement Program replace?
7. What will I need to do?
8. What if I want my Service Line replaced sooner?
9. What can I expect?
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