What if I want my Service Line replaced sooner?

It is important for the Village to make the most of available funds by efficiently managing replacement projects in a systematic fashion. It is also understandable that some property owners may want to replace their service line prior to replacement under the Village’s multi-year schedule.

Service line replacements performed outside of the Village’s replacement program are the sole responsibility of the property owner. Costs are borne by the property owner and the Village will not reimburse costs associated with replacements performed outside of the scheduled replacements in the program. 

If you would like to hire a contractor to complete this work on your private property, a building permit from the Community Development Department will be required. Any work must be completed by an IL licensed plumber with a valid La Grange contractor registration. Upon approval of plans and payment of fees, the Public Works Department will perform necessary inspections and install the water meter as required. View a schedule of fees for the new water service.

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