What is being done to address flooding?

Flood mitigation is a continued effort that encompasses a spectrum of short- and long-term initiatives including major stormwater system construction projects, annual construction to repair and improve the sewer system, maintenance activities such as slip-lining, cleaning, televising, catch basin clearing, street sweeping, and the conduct of engineering studies that serve to identify where targeted investments will have the greatest impact on mitigating floods, as well as policies and regulations aimed at reducing flooding over time. 

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1. What is being done to address flooding?
2. What will have the greatest impact on flooding in La Grange?
3. What about areas north of 50th Street?
4. When will the South Basin/50th Street relief sewer be constructed?
5. When can I see what the engineering plans/study results?
6. What if my home floods?
7. How does new home construction impact our system?
8. I have pictures and video of flooding in or near my home. Can I provide those to engineers?