Stormwater Sewer Maintenance

A robust maintenance program serves to ensure that Village sewer systems are cleared of debris, that defects are identified, and that repairs are made. These efforts serve to ensure that the system is operating optimally. These efforts take place for the Village’s combined, sanitary, and stormwater sewer systems.  This combination of annual and more frequently reoccurring activities ensure that the system remains clear of blockages that would compound localized flooding. They also serve to generate data that supports informed decision making.

Catch Basin Cleaning Program 

A catch basin, or storm drain, is a buried receptacle that takes in surface water throughout the immediate surrounding area and directs it into the sewer system. In order to ensure the full functionality of Village catch basins, Public Works staff routinely clears the intake grate of debris. 

Annual System Televising Program

The Village owns and maintains approximately 360,000 linear feet of sanitary, storm, and combined sewers. The purpose of the sewer televising and cleaning program is to maintain the Village’s sewer system by removing debris from within the sewers, assess the condition of the pipes, and identify areas that require immediate repair.  The information collected from the televising is then used to aid in future infrastructure planning, mapping objectives and prioritized for repair. 

Sewer Lining and Repair Projects 

Sewers in need of repair are identified during televising efforts. The sewer lining process involves constructing a cured-in-place liner that provides a new structurally sufficient pipe within the existing pipe.  This process is less disruptive to residents since it does not require traditional open trench methods for installation. 

Street Sweeping 

Street sweeping is conducted on a regular basis, with an average of approximately 12 lane miles of roadway swept per day. In addition to keeping Village streets looking clean, the removal of debris from streets with a street sweeper is a requirement of the Village’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) permits issued by the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent debris from entering local sewers and waterways.  Removal of debris on the street before it enters the sewer system decreases the possibility for sewer backups and the frequency of sewer cleaning.