Lyons Township High School (LTHS) North Campus

Traffic Circulation and Pedestrian Safety

The Village and School District 204 received comments and suggestions regarding pedestrian and traffic safety around the north campus of Lyons Township High School.

In response to these comments, the Village and School District 204 jointly hired the professional traffic engineering firm Kenig, Lindgren, O'Hara, Aboona, Inc. (KLOA, Inc.) to complete a Traffic Circulation and Pedestrian Safety Study. The purpose of the study was to review the existing vehicular and pedestrian traffic surrounding the school, review existing school operations, and make recommendations for improvements based on these observations. View a copy of the Traffic Circulation and Pedestrian Safety Study (PDF).

At it's regularly scheduled meeting on September 14, 2015, the Village Board discussed the study, and as a first step towards improving vehicle and pedestrian safety-approved the installation of four-way stops at the intersections of Cossitt Avenue and Park Avenue, and Elm Avenue and Park Avenue. The multi-way stop signs were installed at these intersections in September. Additionally, in-street pedestrian barricades were also installed at the uncontrolled pedestrian crossings on Cossitt avenue between Brainard Avenue and Park Avenue, as well as Brainard Avenue and Elm Avenue. In order to understand the impacts of these changes, a second study was initiated that assessed vehicle and pedestrian movements before and after these modifications. View a copy of the study (PDF).